N71a vacuum tube data booklet

Tube data vintage info from the age of vacuum tubes. You are on the path for not just good, but great sound. The type 71a vacuum tube was a power amplifier triode intended for use in the final audio stage of battery or alternating currentoperated receivers. Rca receiving tubes and picture tubes1275j 1078 x 838 pages. It has an emitting surface the cathode, one or more grids that control the flow of electrons, and an element that collects the electrons the anode. It was widely used, in specialquality versions such as ecc82 and 5814a, in presemiconductor digital computer circuitry. This link is listed in our web site directory since thursday jan 3 2008, and till today vacuum tube electronic valve museum has been followed for a total of 1151 times. Take a look at your 205d tube socket if it is the same as the original western electric 205d socket for 4 smaller shorter pins, you need to order the we205d replica. The compactron is a 12 pin vacuum tube with the base design similar to the 7 and 9 pin miniature tubes. Bold designators are close or identical, italic designators are different ratings, different pinouts or different filament voltages. Electron tube data sheets electron tube data sheets, valve, tube, electron tube, vacuum tube, diode, triode, tetrode, pentode, hexode, heptode, octode, enneode. Substitutes are given as a guide only please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application. New, enlarged, and uptodate booklet contains classification chart, characteristics chart, and base and envelope connection diagrams on more than 900 entertainment receiving tubes and picture tubes. The 5963 is a 12au7 developed for computer applications.

Please see the substitutes at the top of the page for more details. The ef86 is a high transconductance sharp cutoff pentode vacuum tube with noval b9a base for audiofrequency applications it was introduced in the late 1950s and was produced by philips, mullard, telefunken, valvo, and gec among others. The 5693 is one of rcas series of special red 10,000 hour tubes, and it is a premium replacement for the type 6sj7. The technical data is contained in the highresolution color scans of over 20 original catalogs from 1958 to 1963. The data sheets are in german or english, but the language dosnt matter. Power tubes can be separated into groups according to the number of electrodes grids they. About vacuum tube electronic valve museum the resource is currently listed in in 2 categories. There are less than a dozen modern chinese and russian manufacture tubes in this listing, and they are clearly identified in the descriptions. The main category is old time radio museums that is about museums of antique radios. These are triple mica, grey plate construction with dgetters.

Psvane we205d205dl replica vacuum tubes pair psvane. This is a suitable replacement for any type 10 10y vt25 ux 210 cx310 210t power triode tube type. Almost completely overshadowed by semiconductor, or solidstate components in most modern applications, tube technology once dominated electronic circuit design in fact, the historical transition from electric to electronic circuits really began. Tube 71a or rohre 71a id3600, triode, vacuum, uxbase 4 pins 2 thick, usa 1924, ux and poweroutput shown. Electron tube data sheets electron tube data sheets. The new old stock tubes we carry are generally various old stock us brands. Prior to that, the only difference between the str387 and the 7581a was the doublemica spacers at the top end of the 7581a. In the table below you will find all the informations you. The tube list at the tube center is very extensive, as is our inventory of vacuum tubes, grid caps, sockets, valves and capacitors.

The simplest vacuum tube, the diode, contains only two elements. It belongs to a large family of dual triode vacuum tubes which share the same pinout retma 9a. Often, finding a tube that works on the higher frequency bands requires several samples including various brands. Typical shorts, that cause hum, measure from around 500k to about 2m. The tube is popular in hifi vacuum tube audio as a lownoise line amplifier, driver especially for tone stacks, and phaseinverter in vacuum tube pushpull amplifier circuits. From this new generation, and until the late 40s, there is an outbreak of many models that differ. The maximum reservoir capacitor is specified at 4 f and the rectifier needs a series resistance of 250. There are many equivalent tubes with different names, some identical, some designed for ruggedness, long life, or other. I need a basic primer on interpreting vacuum tube datasheets. This is a premium version of the 12au7 made only by cbshytron. An impressive manly vacuum tube such as an 807 beam tetrode will have about a 1a filament, so an ordinary laptop adapter should be able to power at least 9 tubes check the nameplate rating and the tube datasheets and add maybe 30% margin. Numbers for early versions include ux201a and cx301a long pins, push in socket and uv201a stub pins, bayonet socket. Unlike many pentodes it was designed specifically for audio applications.

Follow the links on the left to find the tubes, valves, sockets, grid caps, and capacitors for your antique radio, ham radio, hifi stereo, or other electronic piece. If you have never used this facility before, click the help link. The type 955 triode acorn tube is a small triode thermionic valve vacuum tube in usa designed primarily to operate at high frequency. The 6e1p 6br5 em80 magic eye and other indicator tubes. Although you could use this information in lieu of access to a tube tester, note that fig. Receptor for emission frequency modulated fm control its electrodes are connected to the output. This tube has a specially designed cathode which can withstand long periods of time in cutoff without hurting the tube. Psvane we205d205d l replica vacuum tubes pair if you own a tube amp based on 205d tubes, you likely have been on the hifi block for a while and right up there for the ultimate high fidelity sound. Welcome to the tube data sheet locator, a popular web resource for finding data on vacuum tubes. The rear tube is a 38he7 damperhoriz output that replaces the 35w4 35z5gt and 50c5 50l6gt. At the end of their production runs, sylvania was labelling the same bigbottle tube as a 6l6gc, a 7581a and an str387. Comprehensive tube data american radio relay league. Antique radio forums view topic 1619 substitute for 45.

Television makers can now reduce the tube count from say 12 to 6 and if any transistors were used to 3 or 4. A power grid tube is a device using the flow of free electrons in a vacuum to produce useful work 1. The terms arent shown in gernsbacks radio encyclopedia. Figure 2 is emission test data to provide minimum guidelines for determining if a tube has impaired filament emissions. The 5r4gy is a high voltage power rectifier and was designed for transmitter use. We do not know these differences as the 3bs2b tube data is not available. You will see that the technical specifications are easy to find. Below are most of the commonly known variations of the 12at7. Older books that i have dont reference umhos or transconductance. The front left tube is the 8b10 that replaces the 12av6 12sq7 and the oscillator part of the 12be6 12sa7 and the front left tube is the 11ar11 which replaces the 12ba6 12sk7 and the mixer. Data sheets amp designs survival tips tube mechanics schematics. Comprehensive tube data table eia vacuumtube base diagrams table 14triode transmitting tubes table 15tetrode and pentode transmitting tubes material taken from the component data chapter of the 1988 arrl handbook. If you find one dont throw the tube away just yet particularly if you dont have a replacement.

The 6414 is 12 inch taller than a standard 12at7 and is a useful great sounding sub for a 12at7, 5965, or a 7062. Formulas audio speaker electronic circuit financial unit conversion. This site contains data sheets in pdfformat of some vacuum tubes. This is a list of vacuum tubes or thermionic valves, and lowpressure gasfilled tubes. Vacuum tube electronic valve museum resource detail. We have a very limited supply of these hytron vt2510 pieces of these in stock. Dec, 2002 the type 71a vacuum tube was a power amplifier triode intended for use in the final audio stage of battery or alternating currentoperated receivers. S fails to and but it is an o build rcliability into g. I am working on posting the rca hb3 tube handbook on line on this site on its. Your diminutive tube requires only 300ma, so many more could be powered.

Specifications for the uv201 tube antique radio forums. Telefunken vacuum tubes have been the benchmark of excellence in all audio applications, both production and reproduction, for many decades. The 5963 has a max plate voltage of 250v while 12au7 has a max of 330v. Vacuum tube, electron tube, thermionic valve, valve. The 12au7 and its variants are a miniature ninepin b9a base mediumgain dual triode vacuum tube. It began life, under the old style of tube designation, as the ux171 and was announced by the radio corporation of america in may 1926.

The pictures are representative of the general forms of the tube types, and internal construction can vary from brand to brand. It was introduced in the late 1950s and was produced by philips, mullard, telefunken, valvo, and gec among others. Just after wwi, it was impossible to legally manufacture a useful vacuum tube for sale to the public because the essential technology was tied up by a series of lawsuits over two interlocking patents controlled by competing companies. There were four tubes in the 01 series, each with different current ratings for their. Operated at its published conditions, it was able to supply nearly 800 milliwatts of audio power, a. In some data sheets are examples of how to use the vacuum tubes for nfamplifiers. Using a tube base diagram, measure from each element to all the others. The 1619 is a nearly perfect sub for the 45 tube, only the filament current is higher.

It is very similar electrically to the octal base ef37a and the rimlock base ef40. The ef86 is a high transconductance sharp cutoff pentode vacuum tube with noval b9a base for audiofrequency applications. Actually, that could very well be the only thing thats going on. Sometimes the short gets better after the tube warms up, andor it may work suitably in another radio. Electron tube data sheets electron tube data sheets, valve, tube, electron tube, vacuum tube, diode. Although data books specify an upper limit of 400600 mhz, some circuits. A sincere thanks to both bob cheney, n1dqm, and john red shaw, k1deu, who provided guidance in compiling this tube. The 12at7 is a high mu multipurpose double triode in a 9 pin miniature package. This tube has very low noise characteristics and heavily plated gold pins. These tubes were designed for pc mounting and were mainly designed for television. An often neglected area of study in modern electronics is that of tubes, more precisely known as vacuum tubes or electron tubes. The problems with the 6c4 vacuum tube, when used as the tunable oscillator in certain receivers, i.

In electronics, a vacuum tube, electron tube in north america, tube, or thermionic valve or valve in british english is a device controlling electric current through a vacuum in a sealed container. Sylvania electronic products sylvania electric products inc. Power tubes 6v6 page 384, page 385 6l6 page 345, page 346, page 347 6bq5 el84 page 124, page 125. Apr 18, 2012 actually, that could very well be the only thing thats going on.

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