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The perfect plan to study for the challenging mckinsey pst and other paperbased analytical exams is a 3steps approach. The first interview is typically conducted by a human resources. Kim tran leveraged all insights and knowledge with mckinsey pst prep from his time with mckinsey. The pst contains 26 questions, and you have 60 minutes to. We hate spam and promise to keep your email address safe. Mckinsey growth pyramid free download as powerpoint presentation. Office of career services interview types screening interview. Students who go through our full training programme are a happy bunch. Training combines elements of both virtual and inperson programs. Of many speed reading programs we have tested, this is the most structured and effective, even in the consulting and problem solving test context. I dont think it was any harder than the practice pst on the mckinsey website.

In truth, as i hope this book will communicate, mckinsey is as human as its. Mckinsey problem solving test prep mconsultingprep. Mckinsey problem solving test pst the mckinsey problem solving test pst is a unique test which assesses your ability to solve business problems using deductive, inductive, and quantitative reasoning. From my personal experience at least, if say 50 people take this, only 10 people get invited to first round interview. The mckinsey pst training programme contains 3 tests made up of 26 questions each. First two rounds are done by two case studies question one by english and one by korean because i applied for mckinsey korea. This is the notes coming straight from his keyboard to your screen. You are compared to other job candidates who take the same test. The alignment issues apply, regardless of how you decide to define the scope of the areas you study. This is the ultimate guide to maximizing your case interview prep. Mck pst usually takes 60 minutes and you have to answer 26 questions in total, on 3 different business cases. The g8 meet periodically to discuss issues of importance to member states and agree upon measures to address these issues. Office of career services consulting skills test resources many of the top consulting companies test potential employees knowledge in logic, math, and analytical skills in addition to their business sense. Indeed, only onequarter of the respondents to a recent mckinsey survey said their training programs measurably improved business performance, and most companies dont even bother to track the returns they get on their investments in training.

We developed techniques for each of the six question types in the mckinsey pst that will help you save time and boost your score. Written cases are a recent development in the management consulting industry and mckinsey was the first to use them to efficiently assess whether a candidate should be invited to live cases or not. We already explored the history of mckinsey and later this week we will dive into the specifics of their case interviewing methods. It is where most of the applicant pool is eliminated, and yet there are so few resources to help you prepare for it. The mckinsey pst the mckinsey problem solving test is a written case. One of the skills thats being tested during a case interview is something i call data sufficiency. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. How to study for mckinseys pst test post academia medium. Mckinsey pst hi everyone and first of all ive got to say that this subreddit has been a great resource for me and thanks to all the contributors. Mckinsey shl numerical and verbal reasoning tests page 2.

This is really important as more than 50% of mckinsey pst questions involve maths. But most importantly, it allows you to practice with a full practice pst. Youre going to learn case interview secrets, the top tips for success, and a case grading cheat sheet that you wont find anywhere else. From practice, practice, practice to smart practice. However, i admit that taking the real pst is a lot more stressful than doing the practice pst. But today its all about the mckinsey problem solving test. And i spoke out loud my thinking and the calculation, asked for information when i feel necessary. Questions can be divided into math or logic questions e. Mckinsey problem solving test practice test practice test overview and instructions this practice test has been developed to provide a sample of the actual mckinsey problem solving test used for selection purposes.

The mckinsey pst training programme provides you with basic and advanced maths techniques that will help you increase your mental calculation speed. The perfect plan to study for the mckinsey problem solving test. Yes, there are extremely hard questions, but there are some 15second questions also. One of our team members has just taken the mckinsey problem solving test pst last week. A comprehensive guide to the mckinsey pst and how to.

Of programs on how to read faster we have tested, this is the most structured and. It requires serious training in order to pass the selection bar in the first strategy consulting firm, mckinsey. How to prepare mckinsey pst management consulting prep. Mckinsey pst 101 the perfect study plan to prepare for the.

Mckinsey growth pyramid strategic management business. Download the pdf now and start training right away. The selection is based on time management, on computational capabilities, common sense and business sense, and logic. When we at oystir work, always for free, with someone on passing mckinseys pst, this is the curriculum we use download these 3 practice tests and the coaching guide. Fortunately, youve found the ultimate place for practice materials with an.

Key to pst example pages 1 38 text version fliphtml5. Last weeks post discussed why im documenting my consulting experience and who an insecure overachiever is. The mckinsey problem solving test mckinsey pst is a very crucial part of the mckinsey recruitment process. Mckinsey and company case interview pst round 1 or 2 one of the case interview for mckinsey and company. United states, united kingdom, canada, germany, france, italy, japan and russia. It starts with the simplest question and soon i realized that questions are linked. Along with the basic consulting training program, mckinsey offers specialized training for employees dependent on their background and experience level, including business analyst training or minimba programs for employees who come from nonbusiness advanced degree programs. As a little background, im coming from a biological field and im currently finishing up my phd on grass evolution. A free set of full cases pst for your practice for mckinsey. Hello folks, i will soon be taking the mckinsey pst, and i am having trouble finding practice tests. Mckinsey pst speed training how to read faster this program is developed based on a research by princeton university as a general guide to increase reading speed of any kind. Mckinsey problem solving test definitive guide 2019. Today we will discuss the mckinsey problem solving test or pst.

Understand the test we have been talking about nothing but highlevel content. Analysis of expenditure by organizations on training programs for their employees. The use of the pst is the main difference between the mckinsey recruiting process and those of its main competitors. The mckinsey 7s model can be applied to elements of a team or a project as well. But without intensively breaking the test down to each unique question type and learning specific techniques at the granular level, its really hard to best prepare you for the challenging. The seven elements the mckinsey 7s model involves seven interdependent factors which are categorized as either hard or soft elements. The key to the pst is an ebook that features a detailed guide on how to prepare for the mckinsey problem solving test and how to maximize your score during the pst. Almost all candidates are asked to complete the mckinsey problem solving test pst after passing resume screening.

I have ofcourse found the mckinsey ones and 1 other one but would really appreciate if someone could help me with a few more practice tests. Office of career services consulting skills test resources. Ultimately they guide employees towards valued behavior. Learn about the essential business terms to improve your speed and accuracy in the mckinsey pst. In addition, you will learn a proven method to consistently answer mckinsey pst questions. This comes in the form of case interviews, but also in the form of tests such. A comprehensive guide to the mckinsey pst and how to prepare.

Mckinsey management program this series of digital courses is designed to mold highperforming general managers. Understanding and implementing the problemsolving tools and management techniques of the worlds top strategic consulting firm 1st edition. Mckinsey pst 101 the perfect study plan to prepare for the problem solving test duration. Basically, you have a bunch of data and the question is do you have enough data to make a particular conclusion. To outsiders, this can make the firm seem monolithic and forbiddingone recent book on management consulting likened mckinsey to the jesuits. Of course not all of our work is about problem solving. The mckinsey problem solving test also known as the mckinsey pst is a math computation, data interpretation and logical thinking test used by mckinsey to determine which candidates are granted a first round case interview. Mckinsey problem solving test the problem solving test. Mckinsey and company is a global business management consulting firm in the world this test is one of the practice provided by mckinsey to allow candidate to have a practice and familiarize with case interview pst format. Courses center around crucial topics such as strategy, problem solving, communication, and team management. Mckinseyite goes through the same rigorous training programs and suffers through the same long nights in the office. The naval special warfare physical training guide is designed to assist anyone who wants to improve his fitness in order to take and pass the physical screening test pst and succeed at basic underwater demolitionseal buds. For more updated resources, feel free to visit our new version of the mckinsey pst prep material.

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