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Molecular biology is the branch of biology that deals with the structure and function of the proteins and nucleic acids. Biology is an area of science with numerous subdisciplines that are concerned with all aspects of life, in fact all aspects of modern human life. Brian0918wikimedia commons to see an animation of this dna molecule, clickhere. Neatly laid out with clear and detailed explanations.

Botany is the branch of biology which deals with the study of different aspects of. This powerpoint presentation can be used as an introduction lecture for an lowlevel biology class, either in high school or college. View branches biology ppts online, safely and virusfree. That said, there are countless career options, ranging from basic science to industrial or agricultural applications.

Biology powerpoint presentations biology powerpoint presentations. It is a branch of biology of the internal and external structures of the human. Photobiology is the scientific study of the interactions of light and living organisms. Geography is a basic subject for all human beings to learn. Dec 28, 2016 n this online lecture, saleha anjum explains 1st year biology book 1 chapter 1 introduction. Sir i am heartly thanks to you i am working as biology lecturer and since from one month i referring ur notes, and those are very helpful. Gene, allele and locusloci, dominant and recessive alleles, genotype and phenotype, homozygous and heterozygous, hybridization, monohybrid and dihybrid, f1 and. Explain the inner working of your body with the help of free biology powerpoint backgrounds.

For instance, theoretical biology is a branch of biology that encompasses mathematical models to investigate certain principles that affect life. Anatomy inner structure of organisms bacteriology biotechnology botany ecology embryology endocrinology entomology evolution physiology. Backgrounds catering to themes, such as heart monitor, heart rhythm, and dna structure are available among others. The groups discussed above are the basic branches of biology. Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, evolution, distribution, and taxonomy. The adobe flash plugin is needed to view this content.

Biology what is biology, branches of biology, history. But some botany ppt are not available to download sir. Describes the five main branches of science biology, chemistry, physics, earth science and space science. Cytology the study of zoology study of botany the study of biotechnology the manipulatio n dna.

The topic being discussed is topic biology and some major fields of specialization. Ppt and pptx presentation in biology easy biology class. Dec 14, 2010 branches of biology biology teams smamda slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Introduction ch 1 biology biology ch 1 introduction to.

Great for ks1 ks2 ks3 ks4 and post 16 a level lessonplans, and more. By definition, geography is the study of locational and spatial variation in. General science biology main branches of biology and fields. Download free biology powerpoint templates to mold your slides according to theme of the subject matter. Microbiology can be also classified based on taxonomy, in the cases of bacteriology, mycology, protozoology, and phycology. A powerpoint presentation list of over 100 branches ans subsegments of biology. Parasitology is the branch of biology or medicine concerned with the study of parasitic organisms. Displaying powerpoint presentation on branches of biology 145327 available to view or download. One can get confused when it comes to knowing about biology and its branches. Branches of zoological study synonyms, branches of zoological study pronunciation, branches of zoological study translation, english dictionary definition of branches of zoological study. In biology, what is the word used to describe the appearance of an individual without regard to its hereditary constitution. The branches of microbiology can be classified into pure and applied sciences. Biology notes form 1 pdf biology form 1 questions and.

There is considerable overlap between the specific branches of microbiology with each other and with other disciplines, and certain aspects of. Displaying powerpoint presentation on branches of biology available to view or download. List of important branches of science and its definition. Zoology introduction, branches and importance of zoology. Biology is the branch of science which deals with the study of living. Dec 05, 2011 selection file type icon file name description size revision time user. Branches of biology divisions of biology fields of biology. This pdf not only help you to groom up your general knowledge but also it will help you in one word susbstitution for ssc cgl chsl exams. Ppt branches of biology powerpoint presentation free to download id. Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times.

Also covers subbranches and interdisciplinary sciences. There are three major branches of biology botany, zoology and microbiology. Also available in word, excel and pdf formats from. Zoology is the branch of biology concerned with the study animals and animal kingdom. The study of zoology includes the interaction of animal kingdom in their ecosystems such as classification, habits, structure, embryology, distribution, evolution, and extinct species. Branches of zoological study definition of branches of. List of important branches of science and its definition gk. Branches of ecology welcome to biology explorer biology news. Cell biology powerpoints and organelle powerpoint all free. The topic being discussed is topic biology and some major fields of. Browse more in easy biology class we will not spam your account dont forget to activate your subscription. In past examination many questions were asked from this section in various competitive exams like ssc, railway ntpc, ib exams. Presentations ppt, key, pdf logging in or signing up.

If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. The list of important gk material from branches of science and its definitions are given here for ssc and fci exams. Ideal for use in the classroom, student learning or general knowledge. Biology caters to these intriguing aspects through various subdisciplines or branches. Biology powerpoint presentations biology presentations for plus one part1 botany biological classification p. Scientists gradually started to utilize the knowledge of these branches for human welfare, and as a result applied branches of biology were created. Branches of biology anatomy study of the structure of living things biochemistry study of chemical processes in organisms cytology study of the structure. Biologists study structure, function, growth, evolution, distribution etc. Introduction to genetics ppt introduction to the principles of genetics ppt concept of genetics, gregor johann mendel the father of genetics, rediscovery of mendelian concepts, modern branches of genetics, terminologies in genetics. Selection file type icon file name description size revision time user.

It is a broad field including many branches and sub disciplines. The pdf files for separate chapters are also available. It is an essential academic field for all walks of life. Biology powerpoint presentations for teaching revision and study, free to download, by d g mackean. Ppt the branches of science powerpoint presentation free. Some branches are intertwined with other disciplines of science. Branches of biology these are the main branches of biology. Generally, an ebook can be downloaded in five minutes or less. Ppt branches of biology powerpoint presentation, free. Click on the popout button on the upper right corner of the pdf file to have full view or click here to download. Aerobiology the study of airborne organic particles agriculture the study of producing crops from the land, with an emphasis on practical applications anatomy the study of form and function, in plants, animals, and other organisms, or specifically in humans. The powerpoint gives a broad overview of some of the important concepts in biology, beginning with the characteristics of life. Candidates those who are all preparing for ssc and all other competitive exams can use this gk material. Ppt branches of biology powerpoint presentation free.

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