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Mds offers a variety of complementary software programs to enhance and extend the ability of our customers to manage their radio networks. Mds software products mds software offerings consists of two categories of standard products. The most popular versions of this product among our users are. The software includes online user instructions, and an installation booklet is provided with the software package. Windowsbased radio configuration software mds pn 033156a01 is used for upgrading the internal radio software when new features become available from microwave data systems.

Installation and configuration sql server master data. For brevity, the model number mds x710b is used in this guide to represent both models, except where it is necessary to distinguish between the two. The ge mds toolbox package is simple to use and provides access to all of the tools and applications with a single download. Mds communications is one of the nations largest telephone fundraising providers. Ge mds element manager free download windows version. Get product information, technical documents, downloads, and community content. The mds transnet utilizes fhss frequency hopping spread spectrum in the ism band of 902 928 mhz to provide reliable long range data transportation at up to 115. Communications softwarefirmware downloads ge grid solutions.

The user manuals, in pdf format, for each product are included on the hardware documentation configuration applications cd that is included with shipments from our factory. Software is available by traversing the links below or by browsing our ftp site directly. You can config the baofeng bff8hp 3rd gen uv5r dual band portable radios. Master data services installation and configuration. Note if serialbased cabling is used for configuration. Class i div 2 certified unlicensed frequency radio.

Modify and query radio parameters via a serial port connection to the rj11 diagnostic connector on the transnet radio. It will decrease the time required of technicians at each deployment, as well as minimizing configuration errors by using customizable radio templates. You can then open the remote configuration file and install it in the next remote radio. Set the mode using the mode m master, mode r remote, or mode x extension command. The ge mds industrial communications transnet radio utilizes fhss frequency hopping spread spectrum to provide reliable long range data transportation at up to 115. This utility can also be used to upgrade transnet firmware. Mds master station series product overview the mds redundant, fullduplex master station series offers the ultimate in reliability and simplicity for ease of configuration and operation. Configure with a pc terminal or transnet configuration software. The mds element manager lets you manage individual ge mds radios connected through a variety of interfaces. Ge mds industrial communications mds transnet radio. Ge mds toolbox pcwin download center download software. Mds sdm4 licensed spectrum module users manual details for fcc id. In fact, based upon state regulatory reporting websites, mds has more registered nonprofit clients than any other company in the country.

Provisioner will allow for team members to perform deployments while assuring successful radio configuration and network consistency. Mds software free download mds top 4 download offers free software downloads for windows, mac, ios and android computers and mobile devices. Configure with a pc terminal or transnet configuration software connect computer to radio s diag connector. Set the radios basic configuration with a handheld terminal hht.

Furthermore, this device is intended to be used only when installed in accordance with the instructions outlined in this manual. The ms windowsbased mds transnet configuration software pn 064059a01 is designed for use with a pc connected to the radio s connector through an rj11 to db9 cable assembly mds part no. Our engineers will walk you through the proper configuration. D mds 47109710 io guide v unauthorized modification or changes to this device without the express approval of microwave data systems may void the users authority to operate this device. The sd series is the latest generation of mds licensed narrowband wireless devices providing. The mds sd series are industrial wireless solutions that provide long distance communications over licensed radio bands, allowing users to interface to both ethernet and serial controllers such.

If needed, the mds radio configuration software can also be downloaded. Dssdm4 mds sdm4 licensed spectrum module user manual ge. S28 file has been downloaded to your computer, you must use mds radio configuration software in order to load this firmware into your radios. Registration is required to access the downloads area of the mds web site. Download ge mds element manager by general electric company. Connect the data equipment to the radios db9f data connector. If you do not know the ip address of the radio, use the serial configuration steps below to. Screamer radio and other related programs like replay radio at the download section. Sd4 data transceiver user manual details for fcc id e5mdssd4 made by ge mds llc. The mds sd series are industrial wireless solutions that provide long distance communications over licensed radio bands, allowing users to interface to both ethernet and serial devices such plcs, rtus and meters with host monitoring and control systems. The cisco mds 9000 sanos is the underlying system software that powers the awardwining cisco mds 9000 family multilayer switches. Mds qed filter design and related filter tools software. Mds was founded in 1992 by jay mount in phoenix, arizona. The mds transnet configuration software is a utility that provides an easy way to configure transnet radio parameters.

The mds sd series are industrial wireless solutions that provide longdistance communications over licensed radio band, allowing users to interface to both ethernet and serial controllers such. Download guideform specifications download user documentation. Leverage the efficiencies built into the core of the mds system over 35 years of experience catering exclusively to the new. Silicon vendorprovided sdk software development kits that accompany some of the development platforms offered by mds. Meet the most powerful property management software available. Pc running terminal session transceiver to com1 port enter enter. This completes the initial setup and configuration of the radio.

The mds 4710 is a priceperformance leader for licensed radios. It serves as a replacement for deprecated legacy software tools supporting configuration, management, and test. G sd series technical manual v product test data sheets test data sheets showing the original factory test results for this unit are available upon request from the ge mds quality leader. Ge mds industrial communications provides industrially hardened communications networks that are designed to be flexible and tailored to meet customers objectives and unique geographic requirements.

This software controlled digital radio is the latest generation of mds licensed narrowband wireless. The radios x710 mode is designed primarily for use in serial mds x710 radio. In addition to the user manuals the mds transnet radio configuration software is included on the cd. Network design support software mds radio programming instructions read first mds radio programming windows 10 and newer mds transnet radio configuration 2. Data acquisition ethernet and serial the mds sd series are industrial. The mds master station series is the priceperformance leader in licensed microwave radio in the 330512 mhz and 800960 mhz frequency range. Cisco mds 9000 sanos is designed for storage area networks in the best traditions of cisco ios software to create a strategic san platform of superior reliability, performance, scalability, and features. Sql server windows only azure sql database azure synapse analytics sql dw parallel data warehouse this article covers how to install master data services on a windows server 2012 r2 machine, set up the mds database and website, and deploy the sample models and data. Mds radio configuration software environmental temperature 40c to. For additional information rain bird global service plan. The mds element manager is designed to be a standalone tool compatible with. Choose the most popular programs from business software. The mds el705 configuration software is a utility that provides an easy way to configure el705 radio parameters.

Ge mds industrial communications products instrumart. It provides an increase throughput and longer range for. Contact the factory using the information at the back of this manual. Most mds products have their software distributed by an electronic software distribution esd system.

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