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The books was translated into assamese by popular assamese author, poet and politician hem barua. They also brought out textbooks for schools in history, elementary science, and grammar, besides general readers. The book a history of assam is a process of enq uiry in assam. History of ancient assam comes from a corpus of kamarupa inscriptions on rock, copper plates, clay. Assam history books in assamese language with history and culture of assam no need any pdf file to use this app. Assam class 9 textbook pdf list is published on the official website. This group is often associated with the assamese language, though the use of the term precedes the name of the language. Nearly 15 to 20 million people speak the language of assamese. It is the assamese adaptation of ancient tamil character kannagi. In ahsec, all books are prepared and published by the national council of education research and training ncert. I am looking forward to get acquainted with a good scholar in assamese language and literature, who can help in translating a tamil classic from english to assamese. Bengali, oriya and assamese form the easternmost group of the indo aryan languages. The history of assam is the history of a confluence of people from the east, west, south and the.

The history of assam is the history of a confluence of people from the east, west and the north. In this article we will discuss about assam history, assam history notes, assam history ahom kingdom. The easternmost of the indoaryan languages, it is spoken by over million native speakers, and serves as a lingua franca in the region. Assam is the eastern most sentinel of india endowed with enchanting and picturesque natural beauty. Its grammar is noted for its highly inflected forms, and there are also different pronouns. Pdf download for assam general knowledge2018 gkwala. This option provides the details of the sub organisations and links to their respective websites. K mcq for all assam examsdeeapsc assam policehealthforest duration. It is official language of the bodoland autonomous region and coofficial language of the state of assam in india it is also one of the 22 scheduled languages that is given a special constitutional status in india. Majority of its speakers live in the brahmaputra valley of the assam, which accounts for two third of total assam population approximately 20 million as.

The bengali language movement of barak valley, assam was a protest against the decision of the government of assam to make assamese the only official language of the state even though a significant proportion of population were bengali people. Pdf history, by nature, is the description of an event happened in the past. The legacy of antiimmigrant sentiment in assamese public sphere for more than a century has created an environment of deadly silence and trauma. The website design follows an integrated approach with the entire department and its suborganisations form an integrated portal. The oldest assamese writer was perhaps hema saraswati, who wrote his famous. Languages and literature of assam assam pcs exam notes. Formation process in medieval assam 12281714 pdf, social scientist, 11 12. The history of assam and the assamese people is closely associated with the development of assamese language and literature. Here you find the multiple choice question of the general knowledgegk of assam in assamese language. In this post we have provided all the original pdfs of ahsec class 11 th and 12 th textbooks for 2020 download for arts, commerce and science english and assamese subject wise and chapter based book. Colonial assam gk assam history mcq set 18 assamone. The govt of tn will also pay some honorarium for the same.

Today assamese language is used by nearly million people of assam and the northeastern states of india. Assam, xunor xophura, the golden valley 1 chapters updated mar 23, 2020 01. Reconstructing linguistic history in a dialect continuum. In modern assamese, the words history, itih s and buranj are used as synonyms. The dynamics of synthesis and assimilation of the races make assam. From prehistoric to independence and strategy to cover it for apsc prelims and mains exam art,handicrafts and paintings forms of assam british rule in assam constitution and reorganization of assam fairs and festivals of assam folk dances of assam folk songs of assam former princely states of assam and zamindaris. The state of assam has a rich and ancient history, the foundation of which can be found in the vedic and tantric literature, assamese folklore and buddhist literature. Don not forget to check the following topics month wise current affairs 2019 national question answers international current affairs 2019. Assamese also asamiya is an eastern indoaryan language spoken mainly in the indian state. Since 1963, the language has been written using the devanagari script. It is also spoken in parts of arunachal pradesh and other northeast indian states. The only indigenous indoaryan language of the assam valley, assamese has been affected in vocabulary, phonetics, and structure by its close association with tibetoburman dialects in the region. It has also been used retrospectively to the people of assam before the term assamese came into use. History of indian languages this section focuses on the evolution of indian languages.

Languages and literature of assam languages of assam assamese assamese is spoken all along the brahmaputra valley and sounds quite sounds quite similar to bengali to a nonspeaker i. The assamese people are a socioethnolinguistic identity that has been described at various times as nationalistic or micronationalistic. The assamese language is the easternmost member of the indoeuropean family. The state is adorned with beautiful lush covers of greenery, a chain of hills and rivers mainly the brahmaputra and the barak. Bordoloi is more famous as the walter scott of assamese literature, being a writer of historical novels, having spent much time as researcher for e. In this post we provided original pdfs of ahsec class 11th and 12th textbooks. Prehistoric assam neolithic period and sites in assam political conditions of the brahmaputra valley at the time of foundation of the ahom kingdom. We will try to give you proper result about sources of ancient assam history, assam history books, assam history pdf, political history of assam. Assam is the eastern most sentinel of india endowed with enchanting and. Asattriya bbihu cbodos dbagurumba show answer sattriya the sattriya dance form was introduced in the 15th century a.

Assam state board learning outcome books and list of textbooks pdf. Wherever possible, their effect on recent events is mentioned. Following are 20 objective type questions from assam history. The assamese intelligentsia of the prebritish periods was much influenced by. The principal language spoken in assam is assamese or asamiya. In ancient times assam was known as pragjyotisa and kamaraupa. This page will deals with assam current affairs gk question answers that means student of assam state can get their latest general knowledge question on their states, villages, cities e. Assam history multiple choice questions mcqs set 1. Assam higher secondary education council or ahsec, the official state board for class 11th and 12th students of assam has released e books for class 12 students. The ahom kingdom of medieval assam maintained chronicles, called buranjis, written in the ahom and the assamese languages. Both pdf and epub versions of the book is added here for your convenience. Here you can learn old name of guwahati, assam all battle.

Therefore, after the 17th century, historical narratives are written in assamese language and assamese script. Ok friends lets find out some point about assam history and culture, assam history gk. Mainly spoken in india assam india schedule 8 official language of india. Which among the following dance form from assam is a classical dance in india. Assam general knowledge gk questions and answers 2019. Assamese language and unicode controversy times of assam.

American baptist mission press morey, stephen 2005, the tai languages of assam. Assamese, the vernacular language of assam, has a long history of its existence. History of assam ancient to post colonial period a. We hope these questions will help you in your preparation for apsc combined competitive examination apsc cce or assam civil service exam and other competitive exams. Currently, there is no electronic database on assamese history and culture, or even daytoday events in assam. The social dominance of bengalispeaking people in assam was reflected in the dominance of their languages. In this phenomenon there includes all the good and evil deeds done by people. The present name assam derives from the name of a sinotibetan tribe, the ahoms, who came from north burma and conquered eastern assam in 1228 a. Miri jiyori 1894 is an important novel in assamese, written by rajnikanta bordoloi, bordoloi was a member of axomia bhaxa unnati xadhini xabha. Assamese is the official language of assam, and one of the 23 official.

The assamese history has been derived from multiple sources. Assamese is part of the easternmost group of the indoaryan languages. The state is bordered by bhutan and arunachal pradesh to the north. I live in delhi, but i keep visiting guwahati every two months for our project related work. Assam class 9 textbook 2020 pdf seba assam 9th class. D by the great vaishnava saint and reformer of assam, mahapurusha sankaradeva as a powerful medium for propagation of the vaishnava faith. Assam history in assamese will provide you the detailed information about great rulers of india, historical battles, dynasties, freedom movements in assamese. Seba class 9 assamese, english, science, social science, maths, manipuri, urdu, sanskrit, and other subject subjects books and syllabus pdf will be announced soon in the online mode. The main incident, in which 15 people were killed by state. But prior to british rule, it was not taught as a subject in the absence of schools in the modern sense of the term. Which one was the first capital of ahom kingdom in assam a garhgaon b charaideo c jorhat d sivsagar ans. Hemkosh is the first dictionary of assamese language.

Although scholars trace the history of assamese literature to the beginning of the second millenium ad, yet an unbroken record of literary history is. Although invaded over the centuries, it was never a vassal or a colony to an external power until the third burmese invasion in 1821. The historical literature of assam is the gift of the hom rulers. In addition to assamese, which other language from the state is included in the eight schedule of the indian constitution. Assamese speakers in south asia with lighter shades of green signifying nonmajority amount of speakers assamese edition of wikipedia, the free encyclopedia assamese assamese. Assam gk covers assam history, culture, polity, economics, geography, general studies etc with apsc books, apsc question papers and other assam government previous year question papers also in pdf. Assamese is the principal language of the state and is regarded as the lingua franca of the whole northeast india. There has been a confluence of people of the indoaryan, austroasiatic and tibetoburman origin in the state and this has led to the currently existing blend of culture and. It is the easternmost indoeuropean language, spoken by over 15 million speakers, and serves as a lingua franca in the region. He is widely credited with building on past cultural relics and devising new forms of music, theatrical performance ankia naat. Read the general knowledge of assam questions for a better preparation for competitive exams and all assam state examslike apsc exam, assam police exam, dhs exam, dee exams, junior assistant, forest exam, nhm exams etc. Most of the areas along the brahmaputra valley speak assamese. The portrayal of the historical event also depends upon the historian. Assam higher secondary education council or ahsec is a state board for class 11th and 12th students of assam.

Robinson brought out in 1839 a grammar of the assamese language. The language in the province too faced the wind of the change. Assamese is an anglicized form of the actual language name asamiya. He was the counterpart of assamese historians like gunabhiram borua assam. Assamese is a branch of the indoaryan language which evolved in the 7th century ad having its roots from the sanskrit language. Assamese language, eastern indoaryan indic language that is the official language of assam state of india. Assam history mcq set10, practice assam history multiple choice questions for apsc, state psc, junior assistant, assam police, and other govt jobs in assam. In the barak valley, the bengali population constitute the majority of the population. History, by nature, is the description of an event happened in the past. The assamese language is also been declared as one of the major languages of the republic of india by the indian constitution.

Several of them have been published by a great assamese scholar, surya kumar bhuyan, in. Assam and the making of assam, wrote a fullfledged history of a land totally new to him. Assamese is one of the languages recognized and listed in the 8 th schedule of the constitution of india. Miles, bronson 1867, a dictionary in assamese and english, sibsagar, assam.

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